The Groasis Community will replant 7 world famous icons

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  1. The Plan

Our society continues to develop at a rapid pace as new generations arise. We are experimenting innovative and new concepts that are changing the way we live our lives. Digitalization has become the norm, the personalization of products and services continues to be vital, co-creation and co-sharing is driving business. Yet we are moving forward so quickly, that we forget to cherish nature itself. What will happen if CO₂ emissions continue to rise? How will we feed our children and their grandchildren if we are consuming everything that is left? How long can we keep using the same amount of water that we use now?

The Treesolution consists of a project to plant up to 2 billion of hectares worldwide. Why do we do this? Not only will these trees green cities and disconnect more CO₂, they will also contribute to reducing unemployment, making ecosystems more liveable, and on top of it all, the entire investment actually retains value. So what is our plan? We have developed a plan to restore 7 famous Groasis Icons. The first to be planted Icon is Route 66 (North America).

2.   Sequence of Icons

Groasis will start with planting on the route 66

Route 66 kick-off and planting campaign starts on Arbor Day April 29 in Santa Monica on the beach

Groasis will plant trees on the Galapagos Islands with the Growboxx Plantcocoon we can plant even there will be no fresh water on the island

Galapagos kick-off campaign starts 2017

Groasis will reforest 7 iconic places around the world

Camino de Compostela kick-off campaign starts 2018

kilimonjaro Groasis will reforest this location

Kilimanjaro kick-off campaign starts 2019

Groasis will reforest the easter islands at peru

Easter Island kick-off campaign starts 2020

Groasis will replant uluru road

Uluru Road kick-off campaign starts 2021

Groasis will replant the silk route

Silk Route kick-off campaign starts 2022

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